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Forthcoming performances - Próximos conciertos

Taking tango to a new level

'If you get a chance to see this man, grab it with both hands - you won't see many of his like'

Glyn Phillips

Héctor de Rosas, vocalista de Astor Piazzolla/Héctor de Rosas, singer for Astor Piazzolla

'La mejor voz que tiene Buenos Aires'

'The best voice Buenos Aires has'

tango de amor helmsley

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07.07.15 Tampere 

Henry's Pub/Wanha Posti,  

rock concert with

Erik Valkama & Klaus-Erik info

10.07.15 Helsinki

Casino info (with Mikko Helenius)

14.07.15 Jyväskylä

Poppari (with Matti Laukkanen) info

16.07.15 Huittinen

Vanha pappila (with Mikko Helenius) info

26.07.15 Urjala

Pikku-Linna (with Mikko Helenius)

28.07.15 Tampere

Tampereen Viinikylä, Frenckellin Aukio

(with Mikko Helenius) info

29.07.15 Tampere 

Bar Bertel info

01.08.15 Tampere 

RUBY & Fellas - Irish Pub and Kitchen,  

(rock show with Sam Boogie) info

Casino Helsinki Khabarovsk Philharmonic Hall Jyväskylä July 14 2015

August/September - Argentina (Buenos Aires Tango Festival), details to come

October - Russia, details to come

November - Spain, details to come