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Taking tango to a new level

'Indisputably one of the world's finest vocalists'

DJ Ritu, Resonance FM, London

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Max Reinhardt, BBC Radio 3 presenter

'Totally mesmerising ...

a tango epiphany'

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Asi es mi Tango

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In this project Martín Alvarado and accompanying musicians feature music old and new from Martin's repertoire which has a strong romantic theme running through it.

Martin focuses on music with powerful poetry and melody from Argentina's most celebrated composers and lyricists including Carlos Gardel, Homero Manzi, Homero Exposito and Eladia Blazquez.

With Mikko Helenius there is also a strong emphasis on improvisation, which is common cultural feature of music in Argentina where this 'jamming' style is called 'a la parrilla' (literally 'off the grill').

Mikko is also a fine composer with real feel for the emotional element of tango and he has written some stunning new arrangements to Martin's repertoire which will feature on an album they are producing together in Finland.

Finland has a long-standing tradition of its own tango music and this project also features well known Finnish tangos to which Martin has added his own Spanish lyrics combined with his mesmerising and charismatic Argentine passion.

In addition there are songs from other Argentine genres, including vals (tango waltz), milonga, zamba and candombe, plus some of Martin's own songs which have proved very popular with audiences of all ages and nationalities.

Martin Alvarado's emotionally colourful style of singing has drawn admiration from all kinds of music lovers, from classical and tango aficionados to folk and world music.

His performances have the ability to cross the language barrier - and he also speaks excellent English which helps further to establish a joyous rapport with his audiences.

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